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Let me begin by saying that I by no means intend to promote violence or initiate another war. My intent is to bring attention to the inequalities and corruption within our justice system today that mirror the same injustices black men and women endured over a 100 years ago.  Similar to yesterday African-Americans have “openly” become targets without  hesitation or remorse. While the civil rights movement was a huge step, we still have more work ahead of us.

It is very well known that black men and women are inhumanly being put to death by law enforcement across the country. I sincerely sympathize with the families who have lost their loved ones to police brutality. However, one really can’t even begin to empathize with these incidences until it really hits home. I am very grateful that my son is alive. I won’t say he is exactly well but he is alive. So, I truly pray for the families who have been robbed of their parenthood due to the cruel and animal like behaviors of many police officers across the United States. However, prayer is not enough. While there have been many protest and upset concerning these events, the behaviors continue. We owe it to our ancestors to continue their work and come together to truly “lift every voice” as experienced within the civil rights movement to put an end to the massacres of our sons and daughters.

Our fight to preserve our lives against police brutality is only one battle in which we have yet to overcome; as there is another wave of annihilation that is being legally practiced right under our noses. We have a population of young black individuals that hasn’t caught media attention in the way that it should, as it does not only place law enforcement under a lens but would also bring attention to the powers at be who decide the outcome of their actions. To state it plainly our judicial system has reached a point in which it is blatantly beginning to mirror the inhumane behaviors that were supposedly banished by the civil war back in the 1800’s .

Today we have law enforcement choosing who are disposable and who will be profitable. They are violating the very constitutional rights set forth by their founding fathers. It is law enforcement that decides who will be put to death and who will be auctioned. They are the ones who set the bonds of individuals once arrested and often times when it comes to African-American men these bond amounts are set considerably high to either ensure profit to the court or profit to the correctional facility.  As a result the poor families who are not able to meet these punitive bond demands, feed the correctional facilities as they make a profit for each individual in their custody even though each offender has ” a presumption of innocence”. They also reap financial gains from those who rather plea out to a deal; out of fear of an unreasonable and literally life threatening sentence.

While this page begin as a result of the injustices to my son, it is my hope that others will be able to relate and gain the knowledge needed to defend the rights of thier sons and daughters; as once in the system they are sold and bought. They become property and loose any idea of self you/they worked so hard to enforce and maintain. Therfore, It is up to us to not only ensure their rights are protected to avoid conviction but once incarcerated we must also maintain contact and do our best to maintain their emotional and mental capabilities. As they may be incarcerated physically but their mind is the one thing they have control over if feed and nourish appropriately.

So I invite you to read my first blog post and the many more to come. The first is a letter I’ve written to Governor Daniel Malloy of Connecticut. It’s quite extensive and may take you a day or two to get through but it’s worth the read as it explains the violations of my sons rights and the circumstances of his experiences from beginning to date. No my son is not a saint, but he is not what they are labeling him to be nor does he deserve the treatment he’s endured. Furthermore it is their laws that they enforced to arrest him and in turn it should be their laws in which they should follow throughout their judicial process so that  he truly has access to fair judicial processes and procedures.